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TPB60 Paving breaker

Item No.: 00162
Weight :30 kg
Piston Diameter:57.15 mm
Piston Stroke:100 mm
Length:645 mm
Air Consumption:2.0 m³/min
Percussive Frequency:1400 b.p.m
Air Tube Size :19 mm
Bit Head Size:Φ32×160 mm
Air Inlet Size:3/4P/T
Sale: 0
Description Review

TPB-60 pneumatic jackhammers adopts the mature technology of TOKU Group, Is compressed air as the power of the crushing tool, can efficiently complete the reinforced concrete, rock, and leaching green crushing work, with more horsepower, higher efficiency, longer life characteristics, especially suitable the crushing operation of extra-large, extra-thick, and extra-hard objects is mine, bridge, road, and municipal construction the ideal tool for foundation engineering construction!


Paving breakers are used in road construction and building foundation work site and are used to break high-strength concrete.

  • High Durability Long Life:
  • Alloy steel forged parts provide maximum durability.
  • Original front head design for high durability.
  • Removable bushing to protect wear of front head.
  • Ergonomic Series Available:
  • Anti-vibration handle is available for workers’ healthcare.
  • Functions:
  • Forged latch retainer for quick chisel change.
  • 4 bolts handle type for low running cost 
  • Technical
  • Parameter/name tca-7 tcd-20 rb777 tpb-40 tpb-60 tpb-90
    Piston diameter 35mm 42.85 57mm 44mm 57.15mm 66.67mm
    Piston stroke 120mm 60mm 189mm 146mm 100mm 152mm
    Percussive frequency 1250 B.P.M 2000 B.P.M 18.3 Hz 1050 B.P.M 1400 B.P.M 1400 B.P.M
    N.W 7.2kg 10kg 37kg 18kg 30kg 42kg
    Length 465MM 520MM 733MM 660MM 645MM 723MM
    Air consumption 1.0m³/min 1.1 m³/min 0.63Mpa 1.6 m³/min 2.0 m³/min 2.2 m³/min
    Tracheal diameter 19 19 19 19 19 19
    bit head size R26*80 R26*80 R32*152 R25*108 R32*152 R32*152

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