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Carbon dioxide gas explosion - the terminator of explosives!

The carbon dioxide CO2 expansion system is a high-pressure gas expansion technology that uses the rapid expansion of liquid carbon dioxide when it absorbs heat and gasifies to generate high pressure, causing coal (rock) to break or crack.

It can be widely used in many industries such as coal mines and non-coal mines, cement, and quarrying. It is particularly suitable for quarries and quarries; cement and steel mills to clear silt and blockage; special location blasting; including underwater, underground; municipal engineering; tunnel blasting; mine tunnel excavation; directional blasting and other fields.

Outstanding advantages: Unlike traditional explosives, the carbon dioxide expansion system does not produce shock waves, open flames, heat sources and various toxic and harmful gases produced by chemical reactions. Applications have proved that the carbon dioxide expansion system, as a physical expansion and fracturing equipment, has no negative effects and high safety performance.

(I) Equipment introduction
The carbon dioxide expansion system is mainly composed of four parts: injection system, fracturing system, conversion joint and heater.
(II) Working principle
The carbon dioxide expansion system uses the physical principle that liquid carbon dioxide absorbs heat and gasifies to expand, and the pressure rises rapidly. Liquid carbon dioxide is instantly vaporized by heating with a heater, releasing high-pressure gas energy to crack target materials such as rocks, coal seams, and concrete. This solves the shortcomings of previous blasting and pre-cracking with explosives, such as high destructiveness, high risk, and ore body crushing, and provides a reliable guarantee for safe mining and pre-cracking in mines.
After the fracturing system is connected, it is sent into the pre-drilled borehole, while ensuring that the exhaust pipe is in the target position, and fracturing is achieved in the borehole to achieve the purpose of fracturing. Its working principle is divided into the following steps.
1. Liquid carbon dioxide is loaded into the liquid storage tube through the liquid injection device. The liquid storage tube is connected to the exhaust pipe and placed in the pre-drilled hole. The exhaust pipe is in the mine stone when drilling through the layer;
2. After power is turned on, the heater in the tube ignites instantly (4 milliseconds) and gasifies the liquid carbon dioxide, and the pressure in the tube rises sharply;
3. The volume of carbon dioxide gas expands 600 times within a millimeter, and the pressure can be as high as 300MPa or 40,000psi;
4. When the pressure reaches the yield pressure of the rupture disc (in the connecting pipe), the rupture disc ruptures, and a large amount of carbon dioxide gas gushes out of the exhaust pipe, achieving the effect of instant explosion.
(III) Technical advantages
The liquid carbon dioxide phase change fracturing technology uses the expansion force generated by the instantaneous vaporization of liquid carbon dioxide to cause fracturing. Compared with traditional explosive blasting, it has the following advantages:
1. There is no spark exposure during the blasting process;
2. Low-pressure detonation (9V) is safer than traditional detonation (1800V);
3. No destructive shock or shock wave is generated, reducing the probability of inducing gas outburst;
4. No need to test the gun, you can enter after the blasting, and can work continuously;
5. There is no problem of difficulty in handling duds, and duds are safe and simple to handle;
6. The fracturing power can be adjusted between 100~300MPa, and the blasting direction can be controlled.
7. In order to obtain a larger equivalent power, the blasting tubes can be used in parallel or in series according to the on-site conditions.
8. Reduce secondary blasting and save costs, saving 20% ​​of the cost expenditure compared with traditional explosives (the results vary depending on the different mining materials, mining layers, blasting technology and experience).
9. It basically does not affect the normal life of the surrounding people.
10. The physical action is different from the chemical action of gunpowder, does not produce harmful gases, and does not cause a lot of dust.
(IV) Product advantages
1. The product does not belong to civil explosives or pressure vessels, so it does not require approval or control.
2. The texture structure is not destroyed during stone mining, and the yield and efficiency are high.
3. No pyrotechnic warehouse is required, management is simple, operation is easy to learn, and there are few operators, and no professional staff is required.
4. The source of materials is rich and can be obtained locally. Improve efficacy, increase benefits and reduce costs.
5. The use of consumable heaters does not belong to controlled products or dangerous goods, and can be delivered through logistics and express delivery.
(V) Application fields
1. Quarrying (12-20 cubic meters of blasting volume per 1 meter of pipe can cause cracking) Note: The blasting volume varies according to the different stones;
2. Desilting and clearing of cement and steel plants;
3. Blasting at special locations, including underwater and underground;
4. Municipal engineering;
5. Tunnel blasting;
6. Mine tunnel excavation;
7. Directional blasting, etc.;

Our Stone cutter equipment mainly includes: An integrated splitting and drilling machine for the excavator and carbon dioxide gas blasting. Widely used in mining, concrete blasting and other construction industries.

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